Wednesday, 30 January 2008


I have now moved my blog here. I know this hasn't been updated for a while, but now I have internet access it will be updated shortly and kept up to date! See you all there :)

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Breakfast Baguette

I made a nice breakfast baguette the other day. Very simple and can be done with various ingredients. For this one all I used was bacon, mushrooms and some cooked chicken breast. Now I don't normally fry my bacon but for this I found it was better because once the bacon was done I added the mushrooms to the same oil that the bacon was cooked in, thus giving the mushrooms a nice flavour and no need for extra seasoning. Finally the chicken was added and just heated through. I had a 12" baguette which I sliced length ways and buttered. I added the bacon first then scattered the chicken and mushrooms over the top. I drizzled some of the oil that was left in the frying pan too, just to add a bit more flavour. Simple as that, all done in 10 minutes.
I unfortunately wasn't rocking out while cooking this as I was trying to fend off my hangover!

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Just To Prove...

Lee Cooks
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Just to prove it, here I am cooking and rocking! Me and my Anthrax apron rocking out making samosa's!

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Restaurant Review - Ichiban Glasgow

Claire, Jo and I decided to go for something to eat in Ichiban in Dumbarton Road, Glasgow. Being fans of all things Japanese, this was Claire and Jo's wet dream, whereas I am just a big fan of all things food!

We arrived and were given a table towards the rear. The thing I don't like about this place is that you sit at benches and you can be sat next to others, so you don't get the privacy I would rather have when I eat. Once Claire and Jo had stopped talking and decided what to eat our order was taken at the third time of asking!

After we had placed our order another couple had sat down next to us. About 15 minutes later they were tucking into their food. We were still waiting. Then 5 minutes later the waitress comes up and says they have lost our order so we have to order again.

Fair do's the order came pretty quickly after that mix up, but still I'd rather not have to wait that long to get my food. Claire and I had starters. Claire had the gyu-niku maki which is grilled sirloin steak rolls filled with mushroom in sake wine and onion and soy sauce. I had the salmon teriyaki which was a char grilled salmon steak in teriyaki sauce. We were very impressed with both and the sauce on Claire's was beautiful.

For the main course Claire had gyu-don which was grilled sirloin steak and onion, served with boiled white rice, Jo had the katsu bento which was king prawn, chicken breast and scallop, deep fried in Japanese breadcrumbs, while I had Ichiban yakiudon which was noodles served with onion, green pepper, carrots, bean sprouts, spring onion, king prawn, chicken, squid, crab stick, naruto, and shitake mushroom.

We were again all impressed with the main course. It was all cooked well and couldn't be faulted. From a personal point of view I like my fish, but seafood can be a bit hit and miss. But this was nice and well cooked. It might seem like it was a load of things all put in one dish, but it wasn't a car crash of flavours.

Like I said earlier I like my privacy when eating but because we were sat next to somebody else, one of them kept trying to make conversation. Also the length of time it took for our food, nobody loses an order! These 2 things let the evening down a bit. Don't though let that detract from the quality of food, because it was very good.

Something To Try With Roasting Meat

Something I have tried a couple of times, but alas I don't have pictures! I tried this with lamb first of all and something similar with beef the other day.

With the lamb, when I was preparing it, I sliced up some garlic, and had some fresh sprigs of rosemary. Using a sharp knife put random cuts into the skin. In these cuts put in your garlic slices and your rosemary sprigs, and that's it simple as that. Put into a pre-heated oven and roast until cooked. The garlic and the rosemary flavour the meat so well, rosemary especially goes well with lamb.

I did a similar thing with beef the other day. I just used garlic this time and did the same as with the lamb. It was then drizzled in olive oil and put in the oven for an hour and a half before it was removed, covered and left to rest for 20 minutes. I find Beef a bit tough sometimes but the garlic flavoured it and helped it stay nice and juicy.

Give it a go, hopefully you'll like it too

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Chicken Pasta

Mmm, chicken
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A little experiment with this, and not complicated in the slightest. I was driving home from work the other day and was thinking what to cook for tea as there wasn't much there. I fancied trying something with some mushrooms that were there and something creamy (probably inspired by my visit to No16 restaurant). I bought a pot of cream on my way home and came up with this. All I did was brown the chicken in a wok then add my vegetables. I used mushrooms, red and yellow pepper, garlic, and spring onions. once these were looking cooked I added a pot of single cream. When you simmer this gently, the cream starts to thicken and thegarlic and mushroom flavours infuse with it. I also added chickpeas and sweetcorn towards the end just as another flavour.

This meal literally took 15 minutes to cook. I added cooked pasta to it when it was done and mixed it all together. I must say it turned out to be very nice and Claire was mightily impressed too!

Friday, 16 March 2007

And Now For Something Different

Since I've started my new job I haven't had as much time to create new dishes, so to remind you that I'm still here, I will be doing some restaurant reviews too.

My first review is for Number 16 in Byres Road Glasgow. Claire and I visited here last Monday for our friend Rebecca's birthday. Where will you find it? Byres Road, number 16 surprisingly! It's not the biggest of restaurants, with probably enough room for about 20 downstairs and maybe the same upstairs (I never went up so I'm only guessing) so probably you would be best phoning in advance. The welcoming to the place was warm and polite and water was readily available and poured out for you. I was driving so I'm not sure what the wine list was like, although Claire had a glass of the house red which was apparently nice.

The food menu itself is not the biggest, but don't let that fool you, remember its quality not quantity! There was probably a choice of about 8 starters and main courses, and it was aimed more at fish lovers with all bar 2 of the main courses fish.

To start I had the salmon and Claire lamb with harissa and parsnip mash. The salmon was served on top of baby potatoes and had mushroom sauce drizzled around it and a couple of mushrooms. To be honest the starters sounded like a meal in themselves, but they did not fill you up so you were ready for your main course. The presentation of the food was very impressive. I'm not really one for over doing presentation when it comes to food, but this was impressively served.

For the main course Claire, not liking fish in the slightest, had venison, whilst I had the roasted belly pork. The venison came with a cabbage, bacon and oatmeal mixture (can't remember what it was called) and pink peppercorn sauce. The pork came with pakchoi and a mixed greens, mashed sweet potato and gravy. Again it was all very well presented on the plate, although with me enjoying food as much as I do I thought that maybe there wasn't as much as I'd like on my plate. But like I said before, quality not quantity. There was certainly enough plus they put a bowl of sliced carrots and a bowl of sliced potato in a creamy sauce on our table for us to help ourselves.

After all this lovely food I managed to fit in room for desert (of course!) which Claire and I shared. It was a chocolate tart served with raspberry sauce and cream. As you can guess this was nice!

Overall I would highly recommend this restaurant. The decor was pleasant with like old fashioned stone walls and driftwood hung on the walls and the lighting was not too light or too dark. The staff were polite and friendly, especially when one of them found out it was Rebecca's birthday and put a candle on her dessert and sang Happy Birthday! Also the bill at £168 between 7 people still works out at £24 each, which, for the West End is good.

Number 16
16 Byres Road
G11 5JY
Tel: 0141 339 2544